What coffee has the most caffeine?

by Ryan Schnetzler

I'm a coffee lover. I love the smell and taste of fresh coffee, but I was always confused about how much caffeine is in which type of coffee and how much caffeine does a cup of coffee actually have? As it turns out, the amount of caffeine in your morning cup of coffee varies significantly depending on the type of coffee you choose as well as the brewing method in which you choose to make your coffee.

How Much Caffeine Does A Cup Of Coffee Have (Based On Type And Size)

Brewed Coffee (drip) Dark and light roast:

8 oz = 135 mg caffeine

16 oz = 270 mg caffeine

32 oz = 540 mg caffeine

French press made with 1.5 tablespoons ground coffee:

8 oz = 160 mg caffeine

16 oz = 320 mg caffeine

32 oz = 640 mg caffeine

Pour-over made with 1.5 tablespoons ground coffee:

8 oz = 150 mg caffeine

16 oz = 300 mg caffeine

32 oz = 600 mg caffeine

Espresso (1 fluid ounce):

63-125 mg caffeine, depending on the brewing method and beans used. Most espresso shots contain about 100 milligrams of caffeine, but some can contain up to 200 milligrams.

These values may vary depending on the type of coffee bean (Robusta or Arabica) as well the roast profile of said bean. We'll get into that another time.


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