Never Pay for Coffee Again: How to save money and brew your own coffee at home

by Ryan Schnetzler

Buying a cup of coffee every single day gets really expensive, really quickly. Think about it, lets say you spend $3 (for simplicities sake) on a cup of coffee at a coffee chain five days per week. That comes out to about $780 by the end of the year on just coffee alone. If you're a fan of breakfast pastries like most people living and breathing, that number will be far greater. There are plenty of better things to do with $780 right?

What if I told you that you could save money while improving the quality of your coffee? That's right. With a little equipment and a few minutes, you can have better, fresher coffee every day. How is that possible, you ask? Well, it isn't too complicated. All it takes is fresh coffee beans, good equipment (and some know-how), and a bit of time.

If you purchase a 12 oz. bag of Fresh Coffee for, let’s say, $18, you can expect to brew about 32 12 oz. cups.

Unlike us here at fresh coffee who drink 4 cups a day, the normal person will drink about 32 cups in one month. If you purchase one bag a month at $18, you’re sitting at around $216 for a years worth of coffee. That’s $564 in savings not to mention the time saved waiting in line at shop.



When it comes to equipment, the easiest and cheapest ones make the best cups of coffee.

The French press is always a go to although, it does take a little bit of patience when brewing. To learn more about how to brew the best French press coffee here.

The classic, pour over or chemex makes a delicious cup of coffee every single time.

If you like bolder, espresso like coffee trying the moka pot or aeropress along with a handheld milk frother will certainly do the trick.

For more information on the characteristics of French press, moka pot, and pour over coffee, check out this blog post.



As far as the coffee goes, we always recommend fresh roasted coffee of course. The final cup of coffee is always more flavorful, less acidic and less bitter when using fresh coffee.

For an even more flavorful experience, we recommend using whole bean coffee and grinding only the amount you wish to use right before you brew.



Even though you may be a coffee shop regular, now that you have the necessary equipment and knowledge for brewing quality coffee at home, you will not only save a tremendous amount of money, you will want to make every cup at home.

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