Hand Roasting Our Own Coffee

by Joe Schnetzler

First Roast

The Fresh Coffee team decided to take a try at something new over the past few weekends, pan roasting coffee beans in tiny batches. Our first try entailed us roasting the great coffee of Burundi Canzikiro called "Top Lot". We tried various roasting times and techniques. Some to our demise and some promising. For our first roast, we slow roasted a very small batch of "Top Lot" above a flame. We roasted for approximately 10-12 minutes at a pan temperature of around 500 degrees and a bean temperature of roughly 400 degrees waiting until a mild golden brown was visible, a medium roast. We then let the batch sit for a week, to de-gas and accumulate flavor. We taste tested the batch over the weekend and were delightedly surprised with how well the roast came out. Bold coffee taste with tasting notes of bright, peach, grapefruit, cranberry. Take a look at the grinded roast above to the left! We checked that off as a success!


Second Roast

For our second roast, we decided to go with a Dark Roast, as pictured above to the right. The roast, once again, came out surprisingly delightful first try. I was very pleased with the tasting notes holding pretty consistent from the Medium Roast to Dark Roast. The difference in taste came from the bitterness as the Dark Roast held a higher bitter taste compared to the Medium Roast. All in all, I preferred the Dark Roast over the Medium roast but the preferences across the team were mixed. 


We will be roasting some various other origins in the coming weeks and will keep you updated! We may even throw in a pan-roasted coffee batch in as a coffee of the month ;). Stay updated. 



Fresh Coffee Team