French Press Vs. Pour Over Vs. Moka Pot Coffee

by Ryan Schnetzler

There is a common misconception regarding the greatest cups of coffee being prepared using expensive professional coffee machines. While these machines do in fact produce high quality, delicious cups of coffee, they are not necessary to create the perfect cup at home. Some of the best coffee has been made using the cheapest, simplest of equipment including but not limited to, the french press, the chemex, or pour over coffee, and coffee percolators. 

French press coffee is incredibly simple and could arguably be one of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever drink. French press coffee is well known for a stronger taste and aroma, as well as a fuller body cup.


Pour over coffee is similar to a regular drip brew that you’d get out of a black and decker coffee maker except for the fact that the water takes longer to filter through the grounds. This makes for more time for the flavor and oils in the grounds to be extracted resulting in a rich and bold flavor.


If you like BOLD coffee, the percolator is the go to. With the Moka Pot, you’re going to get a robust, yet slightly bitter tasting coffee. This still doesn't change the fact that it will be a delicious cup regardless though.